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creating innovative solutions & getting



it's about collaboration, not competition.

in a world where resources and community leaders are stretched far too thinly, we're not trying to re-invent the wheel or distract from existing organizations: we're here to keep great projects rolling and provide as much support and assistance as we're able.


from bike giveaways to supporting other non-profit organizations to hosting NICA clinics and providing free co-op working spaces, we're doing as much as we can with everything we've got.


 we're building more, but we're building it better -- community initiatives are only as strong as the infrastructures they're built upon, so we're creating sustainability starting at the ground level. it means internships and job training programs, free skills clinics and educational resources, and mobility, access, development and trail advocacy.  


We're a New Mexico-based group of individuals, organizations, relationships and communities focusing on real progress for cycling and bike infrastructure by combining experience-based knowledge with practical application and community collaboration for the purpose of one goal: to get more butts on bikes.

What sets us apart from the usual non-profit hum-drum is that we're combining business with bikes to ensure that resources are committed to actual change in the outdoor & cycling industries in addition to urban development processes and community-based advocacy -- it's not just lip service. We're focused on a truly integrative approach with two main factors: everyone is included and everyone has a valuable perspective.

Rather than the business-as-usual nonsense of exploiting communities for the gain of select few, we're putting our money where our mouths are: we're investing in under-represented communities, redistributing resources and using the systems to benefit the people 'the system' should have centered in the first place. We're building spaces where everyone is welcome, no assholes are allowed and questions are encouraged. We're also shoring up support for organizations who were here before us, who've been doing the real work, but haven't gotten enough of the credit. We're donating cash, goods, tools and access to programs and people who haven't received adequate attention, and we're doing it for one reason:

because we can.

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